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Dental FAQ

Do you recommend fluoride treatments?

We recommend for most of our patients in the form of a daily at home fluoride regimen as well as bi-annual in office fluoride treatments (more frequent applications are recommended for our patients that exhibit lowered resistance to decay). The benefits of regular fluoride applications to your teeth are :

  • Remineralization of areas that may develop into cavities thereby eliminating the need for future fillings. Studies have shown an adult can reduce the risk of cavities by almost 50% with use of fluoride at home, and children by up to 35%.
  • Protection of the margins of existing dental work that are naturally more susceptible to cavities thereby increasing the life span of those restorations.
  • Decrease any sensitivity you may be having due to loss of enamel and exposure of underlying dentin.
  • Protection against cavities and sensitivity of exposed root surfaces due to recession because that part of the tooth is not as hard as the crown.
  • Strengthening of the enamel of your teeth.

What are dental caries, and why does that make me a “high risk” patient?

Please tap here for our handout on CAMBRA protocol for dental caries.


How do you ensure specialized care to your patients?

We provide specialized care to our patients by placing emphasis and importance on continuing education. Our entire team is constantly engaged in learning. I attend significantly more hours of advanced learning than required to maintain my license. It is important to define what services we offer to our patients and then maintain a level of excellence.


What is the most common misconception among your patients regarding dental care?

The reality is that a dental checkup includes so much more than just a sweep for cavities. A well trained and thorough dentist is screening for dental disease and multiple medical conditions that are detected through the oral, head and neck examination.


What unique services does your practice offer its patients?

I offer sleep apnea and snoring treatments. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry to our patients with the understanding that our oral health is intimately linked to our systemic health and general well-being. This approach takes into account the role of inflammation in many serious disease processes in the body and our role in being able to reduce inflammatory loads on a patient’s immune system by treating periodontal disease.


My spouse snores like crazy. Should I be concerned?

YES! Sleep Apnea can lead to serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and even heart failure. Click here to learn more, and call and schedule a screening with your loved one.


Do you accept my insurance? What about financing?

We are in network with a number of different insurances and do offer financing. Tap here for a full list of participating insurances and payment options.


HELP! What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

After office hours, call 908-389-0222 to get our current emergency contact information.


I’ve just had my teeth thoroughly cleaned and scaled at my hygiene visit. What do I do when I get home?

Please tap here for a handout on post-scaling care.


What are the steps involved in getting a dental implant?

The Steps of the Dental Implant Procedure

  1. A thorough history and clinical examination
  2. Radiographs
  3. Photographs
  4. Diagnostic casts
  5. A CAT Scan
  6. A treatment plan
  7. Surgical placement of the dental implant in the bone
  8. A healing phase (usually 3 months) during which the titanium screw integrates into the bone
  9. An impression is taken for the abutment that gets screwed into the implant and is used to hold the crown
  10. The same impression can be used for the crown
  11. Insertion of the abutment and crown


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