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Picking a great team to provide care for our patients

There are many factors to consider when assembling an A-Team. If you have the opportunity to handpick your dream team, what should you consider?

The right skills -To start with you absolutely must choose people with the right skills. If you need a heart surgeon on your team, you wouldn’t set your sights on a brain surgeon. Both are highly skilled in their own area of expertise but they aren’t interchangeable.

The right fit – Finding people who can fit together and work effectively with each other has it’s own challenges. An important thing to consider is potential impacts on the team before bringing in a new person. Sometimes someone has the skills you need for your team but may be difficult to get along with.

Interest – Even the best candidate can be an underachiever if they are not interested in contributing to the overall goals of the team. It is necessary to have people who are sincerely interested in their own professional growth with room for enjoying working with other people. Finding people who want to be part of a team helps keep them productive and motivated.

Diversity – This could range from different backgrounds, cultures, or different personalities. When looking for a solution to a problem, five similar thinking people will not come up with many different ideas. You’re more likely to gain different perspectives and form a wide range of solutions with a more diverse team.

Growth – If there is an opportunity for someone to expand their skill set, they will usually enthusiastically jump at the chance to be involved. When people are given the possibility to improve themselves, they will work hard at their success. You will also benefit from having a better skilled team in the long run.

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